Specialist Electronics Design, Fabrication and Consultancy

Focusing on Art, Design, SFX, Visual Merchandising

Electronics Hardware Design

PCB design, Schematic Capture, Designs from the ground up or improvements to existing projects. Working in Altium Circuit Studio or Eagle

Small to Medium Batch Electronics Manufacture

From 1 to 1000 pieces Full Service PCB manufacture, short turnaround times

Electronic System Design

Start to finish electronics system manufacture, interactive shop windows, electronic art pieces and custom SFX rigs

Previous Projects

Everything and Nothing

James Burke

An interactive Instagram linked balloon which inflates every time a post is liked until the inevtiable outcome occurs...

Chivas Regal Taste Constellation

Florian Dussopt Design Studio

Electronics design and manufacture for a centrepiece chandelier at the Chivas Regal Tasting Rooms in the Scottish Highlands

Bletchley Park Alan Turing Exhibit

Factory Settings

Two interactive exhibits for the revamped Alan Turing Bombe Exhibit at Bletchley Park

The Constant Need For Approval

James Burke

A touch sensitive interactive art piece where the viewer can rate the artwork itself as it is exhibited

Mr Thing Like Counter

Mr Thing

A tongue in cheek facebook like coutner that fires a ping pong ball every time the comedy troupe get a facebook like